Cloud Computing

We are ready to work with your organization to adopt Cloud Computing and web applications to simplify your IT infrastructure. We can partner with you to formulate a Cloud strategy appropriate for your business. Thereafter, we can work together with you to execute the strategy successfully by making the right decisions on your IT investments by selecting the right infrastructure, applications and vendors.
Our team combines a deep understanding of the IT technology landscape with knowledge of how to run IT-enabled organizations. This enables us to provide the right guidance to our clients

What can we do for you?

We can work with you to adopt Cloud Computing and address the following questions in a manner that is best suited for your organization
• What is our Cloud strategy?
• What is the right Cloud model for us?
• How do we quantify the benefits of moving to the Cloud?
• What are the security and privacy implications of moving to the Cloud?
• What are the performance implications of moving to the Cloud?
• What are the administration and management implications of moving to the Cloud?
• How can we adopt Cloud computing in a phased manner?
• What infrastructure can we leverage from the Cloud?
• Which Cloud infrastructure vendors should we partner with?
• Which applications should be moved to the Cloud?
• Which Cloud application vendors should we partner with?
If you have been worrying about some of the questions above, we can help! We would like to work with you to answer these questions for your organization and empower you to make the most effective use of Cloud technologies for your organization

Why partner with us?

Some reasons why you should consider us to partner with you for formulating and executing your organization’s IT strategy are :
• Our expert team will assume responsibility to manage your IT strategy, architecture and execution, so that you can concentrate on running your business!
• Our team consists of a mix of individuals with technical expertise and those with business knowledge. This enables us to define the most suitable strategy for your specific business.
• Our team has expertise in systems software as well as Web application technologies. These are the Yin and Yang of software. We will bring this expertise to bear to your organization so that your IT architecture stays current and your organization remains competitive.
• Our team has the expertise and experience in the complete software development lifecycle from conception to support.